"The music and performances keep you transfixed, whether for spiritual or sonic reasons.  Two selections are arrangements by members of [A Far Cry] which put vital new spins on old music.  The unison chants of Hildegard...become communal celebrations as shaped by these superb musicians.  Transcriptions of Beethoven string quartets aren't always persuasive but A Far Cry gives such nuanced life to the third movement of Op. 132... that the music's juxtaposition of the divine and the exhilarating is vividly achieved.  The two newer works also seize ears and soul. Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol;s Vecd... conjures up a Sufi ceremony by building rhythmic momentum on increasingly propulsive phrases.  Golijov's The Dreams & Prayers of Isaac the Blind... explores a spectrum of moods, with the clarinet and strings engaged both introspective and wailing.  The Criers, as the musicians of A Far Cry call themselves, truly soar with their guest, the spectacular clarinetist David Krakauer."


"The clarinetist David Krakauer plays with soul and passion in Osvaldo Golijov’s “The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind,” originally for string quartet and presented here, the string orchestra A Far Cry, in a new arrangement by Mr. Golijov." 

The New York Times

"Music and spirituality have gone hand-in-hand for centuries.  Boston-based string orchestra, A Far Cry, demonstrates that concept beautifully in its new CD, “Dreams and Prayers.”  Its creative programming links works from the 12th to the 21st centuries, incorporating varieties of religious mysticism...The final selection, an orchestrated version of the hymn-like middle movement of Beethoven’s String Quartet, Op. 132, is a fitting end to this musical journey... the quiet uplift of its harmonious lyricism exemplifies music’s ability to take us into higher realms, away from everyday woes. Full Article



"This version is much more lush than the original string quartet plus clarinet instrumentation, and the sound of the orchestral string sections sets the clarinet apart as a concerto soloist. Krakauer ... delivers an ecstatic, well informed and overwhelmingly compelling interpretation of this master work."  Full Article

WQXR - Q2 - New York's Classical Radio Station 


"If I wax eloquent in this review, it is because this was one of the most beautiful and masterfully performed concerts I have attended in a long time. Do not miss hearing this group and/or David Krakauer. Both are fabulous."

 TELEGRAM & GAZETTE, on the Dreams and Prayers Tour


"A group of musicians digging beyond simple surfaces."

 Boston Music Intelligencer